January 27, 2016

Christmas Wedding at Lulworth Castle…

So just what is it that makes a couple choose a certain time of year to get married?  Some love the warmth of the summer sun and the long evenings of September whilst others hope for the frosty mornings of winter with their guests snuggled drinking Winter Pimms around an open fire more appealing.

This gorgeous couple Charlotte and Rob chose 18th December to wed at the incredible Lulworth Castle and what a day they had!  For Charlotte, a winter wedding was her dream as Christmas is her favourite time of year and due to her work commitments rarely gets to spend the festive season with her loved ones.

Charlotte and Rob’s wedding was full to the brim with personal touches from crackers around the tables with their names on them to a surprise horse and carriage (secretly booked by Charlotte’s lovely mum.)  You can see her reaction when she heard the clip clop of hooves arrive along the sweeping drive of the castle!

Even their Wedding Cake was a small replica of Lulworth Castle…what an amazing idea!!!

We would love to hear your thoughts as to what time of year you find the most appealing for a wedding…please leave us a comment below!  It is true to say the week before Christmas was the perfect time for this couples big day…

Horse and Carriage…http://www.highsteppers.co.uk/proms-and-other-events.php
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